Announcing Shotwell 0.15.1

shotwellYorba has released Shotwell 0.15.1, an important update to our Shotwell Photo Manager.  This update includes these fixes:

* Install Tumblr plugin resources (Tumblr plugin failed to work without them)
* Fix crash when video thumbnails are being inspected and created

Yorba strongly recommends all users upgrade to this release.

The tarball for Shotwell 0.15.1 is available at  Ubuntu Quantal and Raring users can update by subscribing to Yorba’s PPA.  We hope that a version for Saucy will be available soon in Ubuntu’s repositories.

5 thoughts on “Announcing Shotwell 0.15.1”

  1. I had submitted bug #4413 for Shotwell about 2 years ago. I have discovered that this bug is not search-able from Gnomes bug list by typing “yorba-bug-4413” in the search field. I also see that the bug was supposedly fixed in version 0.13. I am using 64 bit Precise (12.04.3 LTS). It is still using version 0.12.3. Will your PPA work with Precise? You only say it is for Quantal and Raring. What about the current LTS release? Any way to get it into precise-backports?

  2. After further reading, I found your version 0.14.1 is in your PPA for Precise. I have updated to that version and I see that my original bug for US letter size (8.5 x 11) is now included in the standard crop sizes. Thank you for an excellent program. I had switched from Picasa to Shotwell a few years ago and missed the ability to crop correctly to a common paper size. Are there any plans to incorporate any Picasa like filters in Shotwell? If nothing else, Picasa made it very easy to do a fair amount of manipulation without resorting to an external editor. At the moment, I use Gimp for almost all tweaking, but it is a very complex program and still does not do some of the thing I could do in Picasa with only a few clicks.

  3. I would be interested if color management will soon be included. I would like shotwell to use the system wide color setting.

  4. While switching from Shotwell version 0.12/Ubuntu toward 0.14/OpenSuse and noticed that the “ZIP” option to send multiple pictures as a single compressed archive in a mail disappeared. The export to mail still work, but only with multiple files, which is not really usable for 20++ pictures.

    I tried updating to version 0.15 but the ZIP option is still missing. I check with strace and noted that on 0.12 libbz2 is used, while it is not on 0.14/0.15. [obviously this lib is installed on my OpenSuSE]

    This feature is one of the appreciated used by my users. I wonder if this is a default behavior for latest versions or not ? If this is specific to OpenSuSE packages. Do I need to install something on OpenSuSE to get this functionality back ?

  5. While digging some more, I find out that the problem I expose in my previous post is coming from nautilus-sendto plugin that Shotwell rely onto for exporting pictures. The plugin shipped with OpenSuSE 13.1 [nautilus-sendto 3.8.1] does not propose the option for a zip archive.

    While this is not a direct Shotwell issue, this remain a critical problem for my users 🙁

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