Announcing Geary 0.4.3

geary-yorbaYorba has released Geary 0.4.3, an update of our IMAP email client.  This update features two fixes:

* Fix “squished” conversation list when used with certain themes
* Compile-time support for WebKitGTK 2.0

In particular, the first problem affects users of Mint 16 Cinnamon.  Those users should upgrade to Geary 0.4.3 to avoid this display problem.

The tarball for the Geary 0.4.3 is available at

Ubuntu users (including Mint) can install the upgrade at Yorba’s PPA.  Note that neither of the above problems should affect users of the recent 0.4 backport to Precise/Luna.

8 thoughts on “Announcing Geary 0.4.3”

  1. Hi,
    installed 0.4.0 today and then moved to 0.4.3
    Geary looks attractive but I am disappointed by the lack of searching.
    When do you plan to add it? Without it is virtually unusable if you have really lots of mails.
    Thanx, massimo

  2. I see.
    The confusing bit is that the ‘search’ under ‘Inboxes’ (left panel) appears only when I use the upeer-right window (ubuntu 13.10) otherwise that line is missing 🙂
    Great, I keep on using it

  3. My favorite mail application in linux!
    But one thing bugged me, the ‘folder’ pane’s width is a bit too big, even after I resized them to minimum.
    Maybe you can reduce the limit of minimum size, or leave them as icons only? (Maybe you can take Windows’ Mailbird application as reference)

    1. edit: I look some other screenshot on Google, and they look nice, although some of them is still a little too big.
      Maybe it’s because of theme I use?
      I’m using Mint 16 Cinnamon btw.

  4. Geary is a great peace of software, do you plan to implement pgp support? This is the only thing I miss.

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