Announcing Geary 0.6.0

We at Yorba are pleased to announce the release of Geary 0.6.0, a new stable version of our IMAP mail client.  Much has changed since our last stable release, including:

  • Basic search scope operators, such as from:john
  • An oft-requested “save sent mail” option for non-Gmail users
  • Separate actions for archive, trash, and delete
  • Much improved server support — if you found Geary unusable in the past on a Dovecot or other non-“cloud service” server, I’d urge you to give it another go
  • Many stability, speed, and interface improvements and bugfixes
The Geary 0.6.0 tarball can be downloaded at  Geary 0.6.0 is also available for Ubuntu Saucy users at our PPA.

32 thoughts on “Announcing Geary 0.6.0”

  1. — “An oft-requested “save sent mail” option for non-Gmail users”
    — Why? Why can’t I load my Gmail locally? That’s only major reason why i don’t switch to geany.

    Thanks for the release anyway!

  2. I just recently installed geary — looks good. The ‘About’ box says I’m running 0.41, but apt-get install geary says I have the latest. Did the version string not get updated, or is something (me?) broken?

    1. I installed Geary today on Lubuntu (with LXDE desktop environment) and I have the same issue. The “About” information says I’m running 0.41, not 0.6.0.

      I also get this strange “create Keyring” thing that I don’t entirely understand. Is this necessary or what? I remember Thunderbird didn’t require this. Too bad the Geary’s UI looks much nicer than Thunderbird.

      1. Mark, it sounds to me like you have two versions installed and the older one is being executed.

        I’m not sure what you mean by the strange create keyring thing — perhaps you mean the prompt the system makes when asking if Geary can save passwords. It usually comes up only the first time Geary has to store your passwords. Thunderbird uses its own keyring, I believe.

        1. Thanks for your reply.

          > it sounds to me like you have two versions installed and the older one is being executed.

          That might be true, I just wanted to add to Billy’s comment about how on certain platforms if you install Geary (I used Synaptic Package Manager) the version is going to be 0.41, not 0.6.0.

          After I upgrade my Lubuntu version (to the latest one that came out last month I believe), I’ll give Geary another shot.


  3. It still doesn’t support HTML signatures …… People have been asking for this since version 0.2. Who are you developing this for, yourself or for people who actually want to use it??

    1. People have been asking for a lot of features and fixes since 0.2. Getting more people involved is a good way to get more features fixed. That’s the point of my message above.

      And we’re developing Geary for ourselves *and* people who want to use it. It’s not mutually exclusive.

      1. The lack of html (or indeed any!) signatures is almost the only reason why our entire organisation (14 people) isn’t going to adopt Geary. Otherwise, we love it.

        Hope this feature will be added before too long!

  4. Hey,

    I love the program. What’s missing is that it doesn’t use the Gnome 3 Contacts API. With this I would love to use it! Much more than evolution acutally…. Please add API support for Gnome 3 contacts!!!


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  5. I like the Geary interface very much, and the speed is great. I would probably use it as my default mail client if it had search features. Nice effort. Keep me on the mailing list should search capabilities get added.

  6. Hello

    I just noticed Geary 0.6.0 was released. The first impression is great. I noticed a big increase in performance and the problem with lost sent emails has been resolved.

    Some notes for Debian users: last version in Debian of Geary is 0.4.2. If you try to install the ppa version you will find some unsatisfiable dependencies: libmessaging-menu0 and libunity9.
    To be able to resolve this issue you have to follow these steps:

    1) Add the saucy ppa to your debian repository list
    2) Get the sources with apt-get sources geary
    3) Edit geary-0.6.0/debian/control and delete the two libraries from build-dependencies and dependencies
    4) Cd into geary-0.6.0 and build your deb with:
    dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -b
    5) Install the generated deb.

  7. I started using geary on and off at 0.3.x but I can’t for the life of me figure out why it needs to use 99% of my cpu all the time. Initially I figured it was just indexing but good grief it may be able to search at the speed of light but the rest of my computer is unusable.
    I’m not using the newest hardware (Turion X2 2.2Ghz) but still…

  8. Great release!

    I think the only thing that keeps me from using it as my primary email client is the lack of aliases/identities. I have a couple of addresses that are just forwarders and I want to be able to send a mail from these.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. First, Geary is awesome. Thank you.

    Second, is there some way to get the default delete behavior to move my emails to an archive folder on non-gmail accounts?

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  10. Man, I really REALLY love this email client.
    A couple of little things just annoy me though.

    1. Biggest issue is the Gmail bug, where anything I send in Geary shows on my Android as a Draft even after it is removed. Drives me nuts.

    2. I wish there was some way to see/understand what is going on with the Address Book. With multiple accounts being used it’s frustrating that one account has certain users the others dont. This makes composing messages very cumbersome.

    Thanks for all the great work. Even with these annoyances Geary has still become my primary email client.

  11. Hi Jim, I have been an intermittent user of Geary, but the latest release is working perfect.

    One question about the interface. Is there a way to hide fully the folder list on the left? I tried shrinking the area, but for some reason I cannot shrink it as much as i used to.


  12. Is there any list of hotkeys/shortcuts? I can’t realize what are the keys for next unread main, zap thread, mark all as read in folder and others.

    But the performance is great.

  13. Having just switched over to Ubuntu (Gnome shell) from Windows 7, I was thrilled to find Geary. Truly an awesome app. Many thanks for all the development that’s already gone into it.

    With that said, there are some two key features holding me back from full-time primary use:

    1. Unified Inbox
    2. POP3 support

    Perhaps there are supported and I just don’t know it? Otherwise, any chance they’re in the works?

  14. @Jim, Many thanks for pointing to the discussion/development of these requests. Glad to see that a unified inbox is on the way… is there an ERA (estimated release of arrival)?

    Also, another feature that’s come up as I’ve been experimenting (and perhaps this exists and I just haven’t been able to find it): an option to show remote images by default for all mail. Having to do this on an email by email basis works, but it’s incredibly tedious. Seems like this might be easy and quick to implement.

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