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Geary crowdfunding: A perspective from Bytemark

Earlier today Bytemark’s Managing Director Matthew Bloch posted an incredibly encouraging blog post on why his company supports Geary and wants it to succeed.  Some key points that are well worth considering:

Facebook and Twitter continue to use their muscle to wind internet messaging back to the 1980s. That was a time when sending a message between big commercial networks was a privilege and not a right. So you had multiple addresses, or people you had to pay to talk to, or people you just couldn’t talk to because those big networks wanted to lock people in. We’re getting back to that state again now.

All of this bad news means hosting companies lose business. Users see a better experience with one of the big guys, moving towards them and their proprietary platforms. Among many other things, we all need to see a better free email client, and the prospect of anyone starting afresh seemed pretty remote.

Yorba simply want to put beautiful, functional, software out there, for free, with no strings attached, and with no plans to lock away the best features for paying customers.

Here’s a video of Matthew Bloch and scene-stealer Blue personally making their case for everyone to support Geary:

We’re reaching the last week of the Geary crowdfunding campaign.  Have you given yet?  If not, please consider donating.  We’re running an all-or-nothing campaign, meaning we must reach our goal of $100,000 to receive the money.  Please give today!