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Yorba Backports Project announced

Shotwell ST

Today, the Yorba Foundation is proud to unveil our Yorba Backports Project.  The Backports Project, codenamed Project DeLorean, brings the simplicity and ease of use of Shotwell, our open-source photo manager, to a number of legacy (but still loved) operating systems.

Our automatic porting technology uses evolutionary Markov neural trees to automatically and “intelligently” port Vala and GCC software from a modern software stack to a legacy software stack.

Neo Shotwell
Here’s a list of some of the ports we’re going to be offering, all of which will be available for download later today.

Yorba founder Adam Dingle said the Backports Project “…[breaks] new ground for Yorba, with key synergies transforming existing paradigms.  The Backports Project leverages our brand’s bleeding-edge reputation for seamless innovation integrated with rich media solutions and productized frameworks for the enterprise.”

Shotwin for Workgroups
This historic milestone is also the first time X.org and Gtk have been ported to many of these systems.

* Shotwell //e for Apple //e
* Shotwell ST for GEM on the Atari ST
* Shotwell/2 for OS/2
* Shotwell for Workgroups for Windows for Workgroups 3.1
* MacShotwell for System 7
* Shotbench for Amiga Workbench
* Shotwell VMS for MicroVAX systems
* NeoShotwell for NeoGeo arcade cabinets
* geoShotwell for GEOS

Shotwell VMS
It’s important to note that some features didn’t make it into the first version of the backport due to time constraints.  Notably, we did not include video thumbnails, due to the number of Totem dependencies.

The work on the Yorba Backports Project took many months for our interns to complete.  Now that the project is finished, let’s all congratulate our interns and welcome them back into the world and out of the basement office we had locked them in.