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Help test Shotwell with the daily build PPA

Great news for folks helping test Shotwell on Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric) — we have a daily build PPA for you!

WARNING: Shotwell daily builds are for testing purposes only. We highly recommend that you only manage your important photos with a release build.  Please backup your ~/.shotwell folder and your Pictures folder before installing and testing with this pre-release version of Shotwell.

Okay, you read that warning, right?  Great! The PPA address is: ppa:yorba/daily-builds

If you find any issues in testing, please report them here. For more details on providing the best possible bug report see our FAQ.

Shotwell 0.11.1: Call for testing

Shotwell 0.11.0 is here, and you know what that means — time for Shotwell 0.11.1.  We rely on our users to help test Shotwell to make it the most polished and stable photo manager possible.  But we can’t do that without your help.

Never done testing with us before? It’s easy! Here’s how.

1. Back up your Shotwell database (recommended)

This is as simple as making a backup copy of the .shotwell directory in your home folder.  The Shotwell FAQ explains backups in detail.

2. Run Shotwell

Run Shotwell 0.11.0 or run from Git. Play around with your favorite features, try doing crazy things,  and make sure everything works the way you expect.

3. Report a bug

Found a bug? If you haven’t done so already, sign up for Yorba’s Redmine bug tracker and then file a new ticket.

If you’ve found a crash in Shotwell, there’s a section in our FAQ which explains how to generate a log that can help us diagnose the issue.

Final call for testing: Shotwell 0.9.0

Shotwell 0.9.0 is in the final stages of
development and we need your help in shaking out any bugs you can find. 
We plan on shipping soon (one week or so) and can use your help.  Now’s
the time to find that last little critter that’s causing Shotwell to
hang, crash, or otherwise act funny.

The new features and improvements for 0.9.0 include:

– A search bar that can filter by media type, rating, and text matching (titles, filename, tag and event names are searched)
– TIFF support
– Extensible plugin framework for Web publishing and slideshow transitions (all but one Web publisher has been ported)
– Print multiple photos (including printing multiple photos per page)
– Configurable user directory pattern during import
– Edit multiple photo titles at once
– Improved rendering of underexposed RAW photos
– Various improvements and bug fixes

If you’re interested in testing this newest
version of Shotwelll, check out the working trunk
and try it yourself.  Instructions are here:


Remember, this is pre-release software.  You might consider backing up your library before starting:


Post your bugs on our Trac server at http://trac.yorba.org/newticket