Sax & Web

Not sleeping well so I spent a few hours doing some mindless coding to complete the sax-style xml exporter for gnumeric. I’ll make it the default for 1.3.1 to get some testing. There’s a huge speed win for large files. Not allocating 4*uncompressed size is apparently helpful.

Had an intereting chat with Ryan, Charlie, and Mark to marvel at the existence and virtues of Trelane’s work on the new Gnumeric website. It can certainly be polished in spots, but the architecture is clean, and it’s a hell of a lot better than the monkey see monkey do crud I’ve be putting up. It is fantastic to finally have some web knowledgeable folk available to put up some more polished a more polished gnome-office website.

A quiet day

Walked through the backlanes to the library with Ryan. It went quickly even though I only carried him part way. The innoncence of a two year old with a serious case of the ‘Why?’s is an excellent balm for the soul. I don’t think we’ll tell him about bub. It seems too soon for him to come to grips with the permanence of mortality. A nice copy of Winken, Bliken, and Nod suits him better just now.I’d best get back to working on a eulogy.

Grandparent #1

Beatrice Gittle Goldberg Sep 23 1922-Jun 1 2004

My grandmother (on my father’s side) passed away a few moments ago after
struggling wth cancer for several months. I’m very lucky the kids had a
chance to meet her.