Life update


I’ve seem to have been the latest victim of this. That’s the sickness and not the software. I got the diagnosis last Friday, It’s likely that I’ll have a rough couple of months ahead of me.


I’m back home in Sweden since a few weeks. I’ve not been able to enjoy it too much due to sickness.We will have to wait and see what the future holds for me. It’s great to see my family again, it’s been a while.

All seems so strange, like I’m gotten used to the South American way of doing things. I’m still amazed that I don’t need to lock doors when going out to the super market.


I haven’t been using windows more than a couple of minutes at a time since Win98/NT4. I bought a new laptop and it has Vista included. I don’t think it’s as bad as everyone says. There are a couple of very nice features. The volume mixer “applet” works surprisingly well. The main slider widget changes the volume on all channels/tracks instead of a predefine one (such as PCM/master/mumbo-yumboJ34). Why aren’t we doing something similar in GNOME, can’t be that hard..

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6 Responses to Life update

  1. Lucas Rocha says:

    You’ve got “the kissing disease”! Cool!

  2. Hub says:

    It depends. The doctor said 2 month minimum, it just took me 2 weeks. Good luck with your mono, it is never fun.

  3. egore says:

    Pulse Audio should offer you the “per application volume” stuff.

  4. Chris Irwin says:

    I’ll have to confirm the method when I get home, but I believe you can right-click on the volume applet and CTRL+Click on multiple channels, which is necessary on a multi-speaker setup.

    I’m not sure if there is a simple way of having the volume key handler do the same sort of rebinding it to amixer commands.

  5. Maxo says:

    My Vista (for school) installs runs fairly well also.
    Unlike you, I hate the new volume mixer. I record my records and when I tried to do it in Vista I eventually just gave up. I don’t like Audacity but at least I can get my PCs sound to it to record in a sane manner. I did finally figure out how to do it in Vista, but it was hard to find the right place, and overall just a PITA.

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