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GtkBuilder has landed!

Today, after more than 2 years and 120 comments I could finally close #172535, adding support for loading interfaces created by UI designers in Gtk+. GtkBuilder replaces libglade, it uses a similar XML format but also supports the following: GtkTreeViews … Continue reading

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Getting somewhere….

I’m very pleased to see that no less than 8 posts on Gnome are about PyGTK or applications using PyGTK. And does not count OLPC, which is also using it. Very few of the posts are explicitly mentioning Python or … Continue reading

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Simplified GObject properties

Today I spent most of the day to finish off an implementation of bug 338098, adding a property helper to the python gobject bindings. The support for defining your own GObject properties in PyGObject/PyGTK has always been a nail in … Continue reading

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Metaclasses & PyGObject

I recently ran into a long-standing bug in the Kiwi plugin for Gazpacho. I have this class in Kiwi: (simplified for explanation purposes) class KiwiEntry(gtk.Entry): gproperty(‘data_type’, object) def __init__(self, data_type): gtk.Entry.__init__(self) self.set_property(‘data_type’, data_type) This worked absolutely fine when you construct … Continue reading

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