Thu 23 Aug 2001

  • consumerism (redux): Bought a scanner today. My attempts to get it to work with sane have been all for naught, thus far. Grrr…

  • druid: Spent the evening pretending to clean up GnomeDruidPageStandard while watching Scary Movie. It wasn’t as bad as I’d thought, or as good as I’d hoped. They managed to show all the jokes in the trailer.

  • GTK+ (GtkTreeView): I’ve been trying to pick up work on this after all the nautilus of the last few weeks. I’ve made surprising headway. I’m really excited about the animations that Anders added, as well as the prelighting support I through in. It didn’t take long, but made a huge huge difference in how it looks.

  • sleep: Damn. Up ’til 3:30 again. Must-get-sleep

Mon 04 Feb 2001

  • entertainment: XFL sucked. A lot. So much so, that Zana sent me out to rent a movie. I rented Highlander, and watched it. Woo — that’s one more movie that I’ve been meaning to see watched.

  • consumerism: Went furniture shopping with zana this morning. We looked at a bench to put by our front door, so people can take off their shoes easily. Went to Ecko, and picked out some fabric samples. Also grabbed a CD-RW at stayonline. Now that I have the camera working, I’m going to want to store the pictures on something.

  • College Sports (hoops): Watched UNC beat Georgia Tech. Not a bad game — almost worth fighting through traffic for. Also saw UCLA beat Stanford. Should make my brother happy. I watched a lot of TV today.

  • work (apacheconf): Gave some more thought to handling Environment variables. I think we can get another public release out to the testers list on Monday.