Fri 23 Mar 2001

  • Movie: Saw Highlander 2 and Sliding Doors the last few days. Sliding Doors rocked! Highlander 2 was truly, amazingly bad. I had no idea how they managed to make such a crappy movie… It was redeemed by one point — I loved the little movie they showed on the plane. However, the rest was truly bad.

  • Hacking (AisleRiot): Ripped apart the code again, and this time (in theory) it’s correct. I’m still not 100% sure of it, though. I think I can start thinking about hooking up the game soon. Need to get it into CVS first.

  • Hacking (GTK+-HEAD): We’re getting to the end of the cycle. So much left to do! I realized today that I need to rewrite both GtkTreeStore and GtkListStore to take advantage of the sorting stuff. Pretty depressing, as the code there was pretty clean. Argh! Must put on a big effort next week to get the sorting API done for GUADEC.

  • Dinner: Peppers. Waitress had a cool leopard print tattoo on her neck. That’s not something you see every day.

  • Mir: The worlds biggest rock skipping contest and I miss it! It’s a pity that the coverage from CNN sucked so much.

  • Red Hat: We broke even. Pretty cool, huh…