Today is my last day at Red Hat.

I’ve been here for almost fifteen years, and it’s been a heckuva ride. I’ve seen GNOME and the Linux desktop grow from from pretty minimal beginings to what it is today.

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The beginning…

Looking back on it, I’m so proud of the work that the Red Hat desktop team has accomplished during this time. We absolutely moved the bar on what was possible and enabled so many things. So many technologies that are basic building blocks of the modern Linux desktop were incubated within this group. Many of the things that people take for granted didn’t start in a vacuum but started because someone stepped up to make it happen.  Just off the top of my head dbus, metacity, gtk2, aiglx, systemd, pulseaudio, pango, cairo, gconf, orbit, gio/gvfs, gnome-shell, hal, NetworkManager, evince, PolicyKit and so many more got their start here.  Along the way, we made lifelong friends and built communities around these projects, to the point where others have taken them far beyond their humble beginnings.  To me, that’s what makes Free Software so awesome, and the Free desktops in particular so special.


I am looking forward to being a part of the GNOME community in the future as a civilian, though I won’t be fixing any more TreeView bugs. (-:

The team is now in Christian Schaller’s capable hands and the engineering group at Red Hat is stronger than it has ever been. I’m looking forward to watching from the sidelines to see what they do next!

Fri 23 Mar 2001

  • Movie: Saw Highlander 2 and Sliding Doors the last few days. Sliding Doors rocked! Highlander 2 was truly, amazingly bad. I had no idea how they managed to make such a crappy movie… It was redeemed by one point — I loved the little movie they showed on the plane. However, the rest was truly bad.

  • Hacking (AisleRiot): Ripped apart the code again, and this time (in theory) it’s correct. I’m still not 100% sure of it, though. I think I can start thinking about hooking up the game soon. Need to get it into CVS first.

  • Hacking (GTK+-HEAD): We’re getting to the end of the cycle. So much left to do! I realized today that I need to rewrite both GtkTreeStore and GtkListStore to take advantage of the sorting stuff. Pretty depressing, as the code there was pretty clean. Argh! Must put on a big effort next week to get the sorting API done for GUADEC.

  • Dinner: Peppers. Waitress had a cool leopard print tattoo on her neck. That’s not something you see every day.

  • Mir: The worlds biggest rock skipping contest and I miss it! It’s a pity that the coverage from CNN sucked so much.

  • Red Hat: We broke even. Pretty cool, huh…