Fri 23 Mar 2001

  • Movie: Saw Highlander 2 and Sliding Doors the last few days. Sliding Doors rocked! Highlander 2 was truly, amazingly bad. I had no idea how they managed to make such a crappy movie… It was redeemed by one point — I loved the little movie they showed on the plane. However, the rest was truly bad.

  • Hacking (AisleRiot): Ripped apart the code again, and this time (in theory) it’s correct. I’m still not 100% sure of it, though. I think I can start thinking about hooking up the game soon. Need to get it into CVS first.

  • Hacking (GTK+-HEAD): We’re getting to the end of the cycle. So much left to do! I realized today that I need to rewrite both GtkTreeStore and GtkListStore to take advantage of the sorting stuff. Pretty depressing, as the code there was pretty clean. Argh! Must put on a big effort next week to get the sorting API done for GUADEC.

  • Dinner: Peppers. Waitress had a cool leopard print tattoo on her neck. That’s not something you see every day.

  • Mir: The worlds biggest rock skipping contest and I miss it! It’s a pity that the coverage from CNN sucked so much.

  • Red Hat: We broke even. Pretty cool, huh…

Wed 21 Mar 2001

  • Movie (My Fair Lady): Where the devil are my slippers? Finally got our first movie from Netflix. It’s a pretty good service, though I’d like to see what the turnaround is before I renew it. I had forgotten how much I liked this musical, though I think it ends on a somewhat flat note (by modern standards, anyway.) Anyway, the DVD had a track with Audrey Hepburn’s voice on it. She obviously wasn’t as strong a singer, but it seemed to fit her character more (at least in the song they had — “Wouldn’t it be Loverly”.) Anyway, I think I’d like to see the whole thing with her singing someday. Maybe they’ll rerelease such a version…

  • Meetings: Eazel guys came to visit this morning. It was good to talk to them again, though I’ll prolly see at least Darin and Maciej again at GUADEC. We ate lunch at the blue Indian restaurant where much nerding took place. It started raining on the way back, and Bud impressed everyone with his foresight by pulling out an umbrella. It was very cold rain.

  • Hacking: Got very little done today with the meetings and all. I did fix some annoying sizing code during one of the slow parts of the meeting. That was pretty nifty.

  • Dinner: Went to Joe’s Crab Shack with Zana. I read a story in a book of short stories (“Interpreter of Maladies” by Jhumpa Lahiri) about an Indian woman who went to the beach and had Fried Clams with lots of Tobasco sauce. So Zana and I had plates of fried stuff. While there, all the waiters/waitresses/hosts did this odd dance routine and sang lots of songs. I’m glad we don’t do this at Red Hat. On the way home, we stopped at bn for books and coffee. Dangerous place; I bought the Diamond Age and a book by Jostein Gaarder, who also wrote Sophie’s World. Oh, and that book on Quidditch as a spur of the moment purchase.

  • Rain: The rain sucks. My roof leaks. I need to get this fixed tomorrow.