Mercurial 1.1 is out

2 day ago was released the last version of Mercurial (HG). The changes look great 🙂

Some changes:


  • Added ‘resolve’ command for better tracking of in-progress merges
  • Several speedups for status and diff commands (especially on Windows)
  • Some modules have been rewritten in C for greater speed
  • Compatibility with Python 2.6 2
  • Add some buffering to the templater
  • Better documentation on git diffs

    Web interface:

    • Add a canvas-based repository graph
    • New and improved hgweb themes: paper, coal and monoblue
    • paper is now the new default style; the old default is now called ‘spartan’
    • Better WSGI compliance
    • Collections now show nested repos (best used without a checkout)
    • diffs are more sensible, follow diff.git settings
    • Better alternative for repository collections


      • resolve: new command to help keep track of merges
      • merge: only implicitly select same-branch heads
      • export: append instead of overwrite when exporting multiple changesets
      • bundle: added support for different compression types
      • rollback: clean up empty files
      • tag: without a checkout, use tip as the tagging revision’s parent
      • log: allow searching by user (with -u)


        • rebase: new extension to support rebasing changesets
        • bookmarks: new extension to provide (local-only) git-like branches
        • zeroconf: new extension to support publishing repositories through Zeroconf/Bonjour
        • convert: added support for conversion from bzr repositories
        • color:
          • add colorization of diffs
          • add –color options to many commands
        • bugzilla: added support for Bugzilla 3.0

        See the full Release Notes for more info.

        BTW, we’ve just created a public personal (and for groups and free software projects) mercurial repositories at Emergya (at last!) 🙂

        Here mine with some silly repos:

        Enjoy! 😉

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        This work by Juanje Ojeda is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 España.