New cycle

Lot of time without write a single post… too bad…

The thing is I was thinking about my live these last months… And after awhile I decided to make a big change: leave my job and move back to Canaries

After 6 years living in Seville and working at Emergya I found there was the end of a cycle so I have to move forward and start new things.

These 6 years have been great. I’ve learnt a lot and met great people. I truly wish the best for my (now) former company and the people there. They deserve it. They will be always my family 🙂

Now I like to have a bit of personal time to learn new things, to have back my technical skills (mostly programming) and try new projects. I have some ideas in my mind that I hope to share (as code) soon and I also hope some of them to be useful for GNOME developers, testers and translators. Will see…

Happy haking from my new life at Canarias! 🙂

GNOME Hispano’s meeting at Seville

This weekend (May 1th and 2th) at the Yaco’s offices at Seville (Spain) will hold the  next GNOME Hispano meeting.

Here will be a bunch of Spanish hackers talking about GNOME technologies and having fun.

The program is ready so we will talking about:

But we will be also talking about a11y on GNOME and how to coordinate the efforts we (Yaco and Emergya) are doing with some projects that are being paid by the Consortium Fernando de los Rios for the Knowledge and Information Society with the GNOME a11y developers.

Here’ll be also Dani García (danigm) a friend who was working with us at Emergya and now is working with our friends of Yaco, to show us his project TBO, a GTK+ app for designing and creating comic strips from GNOME. The idea is that he could present the project and the rest of hackers make sugestions so the project will be fully GNOME friendly.

This could be a good help for those who want to start their own project for GNOME and don’t know exactly how do it right.

Well, I hope to see a lot of good hackers and friends there.

See you on friday night for the warm up 😉

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