A little break and FOSDEM

I’ve been three years working at Emergya. I did the third year two weeks ago…. When I arrived we where 12 people (plus me) and I supposed to be there just for a month… 😛

Three years later I was still there… And now they are fifty people.

Emergya is a company about free software, full of young guys and girls (well, as at any IT company, much less girls and we would like, but…) with passion for the technology, good persons, good friends. They work on GNU/Linux distros (Guadalinex and much more), web applications (with zope/plone, Rails, java, Drupal and more), GIS applications (MapServis and more) and more interesting stuff.

So, nice people, working with and on free tools and projects in a very familiar and nice environment… in Seville (which is not Las Palmas, but still is nice place to live…)… I couldn’t say no to stay more than I’ve promised 🙂

But three years is a very long time for me being in one place. Even if it’s so nice. So I decide to make some changes.

Actually, my work here didn’t let me so much time to update my knowledge, take care of personal stuff I’ve been leaving stopped for awhile and so.

But, I’m no leaving fullly the company. This is more a little (few weeks, maybe a month or so) break to take care of my own personal business.

One of the thing I like to do in this time is updating myself. I need to read and learn a lot stuff about the new (or not so new) GNOME and Freedesktop technologies (I feel so outdated….). I’d like to code again. I miss that a lot.

But this is personal time, so health is one of my goals as well. Better food (cooked by myself instead of with rush in a bar close to the office…), good rest, some exercises, some checking at doctor. Stuff like that.

And I feel I need improve my English. I learn a lot when I was living in Dublin, but was more pub conversations what I learn than an appropriated speak for business or so.

Also my written English is so poor and I don’t feel comfortable enough (and I write soooo slow…) to chat with people by jabber or irc, which some times is necessary to collaborate on some projects.

I guess this is just matter of practise. Read more, write more, try, fail and learn 🙂

I repeat, if someone read my posts and see something wrong or something sounds weird on my English, I will appreciate (so much) to teach me my errors and mistakes.

By the way… Im going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers European Meeting

I hope see good hacker and friends over there 🙂 And meet more interesting people.

See you there guys! 🙂

4 thoughts on “A little break and FOSDEM”

  1. Orthographic Taliban Mode = On:

    Unified diff format from hell:
    “we where 12 people (plus me)” -> “we were 12 people (plus myself)”
    “I supposed to be” -> “I was supposed to be”
    “as at any IT” -> “as any other IT”
    “much less girls and” -> “much less girls than”
    “One of the thing” -> “One of the things”
    “to do in this time” -> “to do during this time”
    “instead of with rush” -> “instead of rushy dishes in the closest restaurant”???
    “to teach me my” -> “to show me my”

    And that’s it, I might be wrong as well of course, but anyway.

    I wish you have a real good time during your break, and also the best of luck in your new endeavor.

  2. @Alberto Ruíz: Thanks

    I’d like to comment those possible mistakes:
    * “we where 12 people (plus me)” -> “we were 12 people (plus myself)”

    * “I supposed to be” -> “I was supposed to be”
    Yeah, I think I missed it. Thanks

    * “as at any IT” -> “as any other IT”
    Hummm…. Probably it sounds better, but I’m not very sure it is really necessary… Second opinion? 😛

    * “much less girls and” -> “much less girls than”
    Wow, this was actually a mistake I was thinking on “than” but I don’t know way I wrote that…

    * “One of the thing” -> “One of the things”
    Another mistake. Thanks again 🙂

    * “to do in this time” -> “to do during this time”
    Sounds better 🙂

    * “instead of with rush” -> “instead of rushy dishes in the closest restaurant”???
    Hummm… I don’t thing this mean the same… With “rush”, I was talking about I was in a rush, not the dishes were kind of “fast food”.
    And I wasn’t talking about the closest restaurant (actually it wouldn’t be a restaurant), just one of the few there are nearby or the one we use to choose.

    * “to teach me my” -> “to show me my”
    It was my first thought but I’ve heard in a similar way, so I tried out 😛

    Thanks for the comment. I do appreciate it! 🙂

  3. Hi mate,

    Your English does have some mistakes but isn’t too bad.

    A trick I often used with my written German and French is to google a particular phrase in inverted commas, to find out if it was correct.

    In regards to Alberto’s responses, I don’t think (plus myself) is correct. The ‘me’ is not the incorrect thing here, it’s the ‘plus’. The phrase should be ‘we were 12 people, including me.’

    Often people think that it is wrong to use ‘me’ and think they should use ‘I’ or ‘myself’, but that’s not true.

    Anyway, my advice is to keep reading and writing English and you’ll pick it up fine 🙂

  4. @Tom: Hi! 🙂

    I’m very glad you comment here. Your advices help me a lot.
    Thank you so much 🙂

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