Gwibber working on Guadalinex v5 and Ubuntu Hardy

I’ve just discover Gwibber and I found it very nice and useful. It’s a microblogging client for GNOME which support twitter,, facebook, fickr, rss and much more. It use webkit and is quite eye candy.
The problem is webkit is not very well supported on Ubuntu Hardy, which means neither on Guadalinex v5.

But you can get it for those systems by adding to your sources.list:

# Gwibber
deb hardy main

# Webkit
deb hardy main

And then install the package Gwibber.
Don’t add the ppa from Webkit team on Launchpad because those packages are not working right now.

Well, enjoy this nice piece of software šŸ˜‰

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 EspaƱa
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