GNOME 3.10 in Fedora

GNOME 3.10.0 is now available in Fedora 20!

As usual, Fedora tracks GNOME releases closely. Last week, Fedora 20 Alpha shipped with a GNOME 3.10 prerelease, and today have just landed the final 3.10.0 builds, one day after the official upstream release.

If you are already on Fedora 20, getting GNOME 3.10.0 is as easy as applying all available updates.

Otherwise, grab the F20 Alpha live image or upgrade from F19 with FedUp. Do not forget to apply available updates to get the latest 3.10.0 goodies.

And when done testing, leave feedback in the Bodhi updates system: GNOME 3.10.0 update.


4 thoughts on “GNOME 3.10 in Fedora

  1. fast_rizwaan

    neither the live iso link working nor fedora 20 has the updates. yum update; may be the mirrors are not synchronized yet.

      1. fast_rizwaan

        sure, I’ve been trying since 3 days for gnome 3.10 update in fedora 20, now instead I’ve migrated to fedora 21 (rawhide) which does has gnome 3.10 (but no wayland login in gdm).

        the fedora 20 live alpha 4 iso link is still not working (404).


  2. rudrab

    Hi Kalev,
    yes…started working with f20-g3.10. Can’t believe its just alpha. you people, (and off course gnome-designers) have done a commendable job. Hats off guys.


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