Monthly Archives: May 2011

I am… still me

..or at least I was, last time I looked in the mirror. Most people call me Kat. Those who don’t know me, attempt to use my full name. They often have fun trying to pronounce it right.

I have been a GNOME user for almost four and a half years. It wasn’t a voluntary decision, I came home one day to find that my laptop had this weird thing, that I had never seen before, installed on it. It took some time getting used to, and so did the ups and breakages downs. Feels like it’s now time for me to break fix GNOME a bit, which is why I am about to start (and if I am correct, I am the last to do so) one of GNOME’s Outreach Programs for Women: I will be working on documentation (with Shaun McCance keeping me in line).

Why last to start? Because I have just come back from an awesome holiday in the US.