Monthly Archives: August 2013

Post-GUADEC fun

Lightmatter paperworkGUADEC may be over, but there’s still plenty of follow-up work going on, like processing the reimbursements for sponsored attendees.

The Travel Committee has received only around 30% of receipts so far, but that has been enough to almsot give some of us a mental breakdown as it takes around 20-30 minutes to process each set of receipts if there are no problems.

For the sake of our sanity (and If you want your reimbursement to be processed quickly and painlessly) please make sure to send all of your email receipts as PDFs and all scans as JPEGs or PNGs. Forwarded emails, .docx and .doc files are problems which kill bunnies. Please don’t kill bunnies.

What happened at home…

In response to the very popular “what are your chickens up to?” questions that we got asked at GUADEC…

40 brown chicken eggs in a fruit bowl

They were busy laying 40 eggs in the 14 days that we were away.