Have you ever commented while angry?

Have these things ever happened to you?

  • You submit a patch, receive a review, and argh, the reviewer is just WRONG!
  • You receive a bug that just makes no sense.
  • You (the maintainer) and a patch contributor are discussing a proposed fix, and urghhhhh, they just won’t accept your opinion!

If they have, maybe you too have lashed out with an angry comment. I know I have, and I’ve done it recently. Sorry to anyone that this has happened to.

Here’s my proposal (feature request for GitLab / irssi? 😉): if I feel heated when writing a reply, I will take 5 minutes before hitting the send button. I expect when I come back that I’ll look like the bad guy, some re-wording will happen, and the world will become a little bit less bad than it would have.