OPW Internships are Done! Long Live OPW Internships!

The eight GNOME Outreach Program for Women interns have just completed their internships! Congratulations to everyone on the job well done! We definitely hope this was a great experience for you and you will stay involved in GNOME!

The GNOME Foundation will be sponsoring three more internships for women from May 23 to August 22, 2011. These dates match the ones for the Google Summer of Code program, so that we can also encourage women who qualify for Google Summer of Code to apply for both programs. Google Summer of Code requires applicants to be students applying for coding projects, while Outreach Program for Women internships are open to non-students and non-coders. For example, three out of eight interns last round were non-students, and two others worked on the Documentation Project.

The application deadline is April 8, 2011. As part of the application process, we are asking women to take the time to learn about the participating projects and make a small contribution to the one they are interested in. These projects include ones in programming, graphic design, documentation, and marketing.

This deadline is a little over three weeks away, so immediate help with spreading the word about the program is hugely appreciated. You can e-mail the program information to the relevant departments at your university or to a technical women group, post the flyer at your university or hand it out at a conference you are attending. Perhaps, you even personally know somebody who should apply! The linked page has the text for the e-mail you can send to people, the flyer you can attach to an e-mail or print out, and even a sample dent / tweet :)!

As always, people are welcome to add their projects to the list of participating projects and add themselves as mentors. Companies are encouraged to sponsor additional internships on the projects of their choice.

Thanks to Máirín Duffy for updating the flyer during a stop-over en route to SXSW!

Outreach Program for Women internships poster

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