Useful DuckDuckGo bangs

DuckDuckGo bangs are just shortcuts to redirect your search to another search engine. My personal favorites:

  • !gnomebugs — Runs a search on GNOME Bugzilla. Especially useful followed by a bug number. For example, search for ‘!gnomebugs 100000’ and see what you get.
  • !wkb — Same thing for WebKit Bugzilla.
  • !w — Searches Wikipedia.

There’s 6388 more, but those are the three I can remember. If you work on GNOME or WebKit, these are super convenient.

6 Replies to “Useful DuckDuckGo bangs”

  1. I sometimes use !g and !gi to search in Google and Google images, respectively. While these bangs contradict the very fact of using DDG, they might be useful as a fallback ;)

    1. Oh yeah, I use !g all the time too, whenever I don’t immediately see what I’m looking for in DDG’s search results. But I completely forgot about it when writing the post!

  2. !gh, !npm, !bower, !tpb, !yt, feeling ducky which is fuzzy dns “facebok !”, !osm, !arch, !copr

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