On Firefox Sync

Epiphany 3.26 is, unfortunately, not going to be packed with cool new features like 3.24 was. We’ve just been too busy working on improving WebKit this cycle. But there is one cool new thing: Firefox Sync support. You can sync bookmarks, history, passwords, and open tabs with other Epiphany instances and as well as both desktop and mobile Firefox. This is already enabled in 3.25.90. Just go to the Sync tab in Preferences and sign in or create your Firefox account there. Please test it out and report bugs now, so we can quash problems you find before 3.26.0 rather than after.

Some thank yous are in order:

  • Thanks to Gabriel Ivascu, for writing all the code.
  • Thanks to Google and Igalia for sponsoring Gabriel’s work.
  • Thanks to Mozilla. This project would never have been possible if Mozilla had not carefully written its terms of service to allow such use.

Go forth and sync!

8 Replies to “On Firefox Sync”

  1. That’s really great! Missing FF sync was the main reason I’ve never bothered to switch.

  2. This is great! I have been using Web along with FF, but this change will certainly result in my using it way more. The only thing keeping me from full migration is official support for Netflix – but I presume this is not going to happen because of DRM.

  3. Hi. I just compiled Epiphany 3.25.90 on my Arch, logged & sync (after some core dump) but not see Epiphany bookmarks on Firefox. I tried to reset sync password but now i’m unable to logout from Epiphany sync account (core dump & autoclose).

    I deleted Epiphany profile from home and some from .local/share/application but my old profile still in memory (i need to relog to sync again).

    How to reset my sync user account (out of application?), where this data is stored? what i have to delete to reset and make some tests again?


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