Announcing Epiphany Technology Preview

If you use macOS, the best way to use a recent development snapshot of WebKit is surely Safari Technology Preview. But until now, there’s been no good way to do so on Linux, short of running a development distribution like Fedora Rawhide.

Enter Epiphany Technology Preview. This is a nightly build of Epiphany, on top of the latest development release of WebKitGTK+, running on the GNOME master Flatpak runtime. The target audience is anyone who wants to assist with Epiphany development by testing the latest code and reporting bugs, so I’ve added the download link to Epiphany’s development page.

Since it uses Flatpak, there are no host dependencies asides from Flatpak itself, so it should work on any system that can run Flatpak. Thanks to the Flatpak sandbox, it’s far more secure than the version of Epiphany provided by your operating system. And of course, you enjoy automatic updates from GNOME Software or any software center that supports Flatpak.


(P.S. If you want to use the latest stable version instead, with all the benefits provided by Flatpak, get that here.)

9 Replies to “Announcing Epiphany Technology Preview”

  1. Is there any chance of providing an appimage which does not require any pre-installed software to use (apart from the bare minimum linux userland)?

  2. Insta-install!

    Thanks for this!

    (So far, it seems very similar to the stable version. I’m assuming most changes are under-the-hood engine related at the moment?)

    1. Yes, WebKit always has tons of changes every release, and most Epiphany releases have significant bugfixes, but user-visible changes in Epiphany are not common since nobody’s working on that.

  3. hasnt gotten any better when it comes to Video/Audio, speshally on youtube, Crash Happy

    1. YouTube works fine for me. If you report it on, select the ‘WebKit Gtk’ Bugzilla component (important!), and include a stacktrace with debug symbols, then we can take a look.

  4. On the GNOME Web wiki page, it mentions Bugzilla. Will the project be moving to the GNOME GitLab?

    1. Yes, all GNOME projects will be moving eventually. I don’t know when, but probably later this year.

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