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It has been a long while since I posted.  Let’s see what I remember.

Worked on a new gnome-session.  XSMP is one step closer to the curb.  Mostly worked to make the logout handling more reasonable.  See and for more information.  Hope to consolidate the various session inhibit APIs for 2.26.

Used this new, rather generic, session framework to manage the GDM greeter session.  This makes it possible to trivially support sharing functionality with the normal user sessions.  Things like gnome-power-manager, orca, metacity, etc. just work.  This is important because it ensures that a user will have a consistent experience – and it makes the software easier to maintain and support.

GUADEC was great.  A beautiful city and lots of interesting people to talk to.  Enjoyed trying tripe.  Sad to have missed the Boat Party because I preparing to give my talk first thing the next morning.  Slides are available (evince seems to have trouble with them).

Finally moved (more or less) to the Boston area.

Attended the first Linux Plumbers Conference in Portland, Oregon.  Thanks to the Linux Foundation for sponsoring me.  Overall a really great conference (except for David almost falling off a cliff). It is important for us to build a solid platform.  I gave a short talk in the D-Bus/Desktop miniconf.  Slides are available.

Recently participated in the GNOME User Experience Hackfest.  I worked in the GNOME shell brainstorming group.  It was really awesome.  Everyone was positive, energetic, and focused on moving things forward.  We should really do more of these along the way to GNOME 3.0.  I feel really good about what we were able to accomplish in just a few days time.  I plan to write more about this in the next few posts.

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2 Responses to Talk Like That

  1. Martín Soto says:

    Hi William! Your plans for GNOME session are very impressive, and definitely needed to get us out of the brokeness we have lived with for years. There is, however, something I can’t tell from the information you’ve published: up to what extent is this supposed to work in current (2.24) GNOME?

    Background is, I’ve been hunting a bug that affects me in the soon-to-be-released version of Ubuntu ( and can’t find out if this is just a normal bug somewhere, or if this is to be expected given the current gnome-session status. Could you enlighten me here?

  2. bkor says:

    There is a bug to include those docs in the tarball so it can be put on Did you see it?

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