Home From UDS-L

I’m home from UDS-Lucid, and it was a heck of a week. I’m still digesting a lot of session material and a lot of Texas-style BBQ.

It’s nice to come home to the house we bought last month and see familiar things like our front door; and next to it the illuminated sign with our house’s street number.


You will know synchronicity.

6 thoughts on “Home From UDS-L”

  1. Definitely a sign for Lucid 🙂 What were the most interesting parts of UDS for you? What did you think of the collaboration with Chrome?

  2. 1004 is pronounced “chonsa” in Korean (1000 = chon, 4 = sa). The same pronunciation means “angel”. So writing 1004 for angel is a long-standing joke in Korean. Koreans would love your house number! Just thought you might find it interesting…

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