Life Without Walls

12:21 am digital

About a year ago Microsoft started an ad campaign with the tagline “Life without walls.”

A little help here, Microsoft? In a “life without walls” where exactly does one install Windows?

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  1. Jo Shields Says:

    And the obvious imagery to use for the campaign?

    As seen on a billboard at Heathrow Airport

  2. etank Says:

    My thoughts exactly. I have been puzzled about that for quite some time.

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  4. Simon Says:

    That was the old saying years ago, wasn’t it? In a world without walls and fences, who needs Windows and Gates?


  5. Simon Says:

    @Jo Shields – yeah, that image is just plain weird. “Take the plunge and move to Linux” is how I read that one…

  6. James Henstridge Says:

    Perhaps the idea is to replace the walls with wall-sized windows?

    You know, the kind that people accidentally walk into leaving them with a dazed look on their face?

  7. Karl Lattimer Says:

    @simon beat me to it :P life without walls == life without windows huh …

  8. Alex Says:

    It could be construed as deceptive advertising. They talk about a “world without walls”, but then they go and put up walls (i.e. DRM, closed source code, etc).

  9. Fri13 Says:

    They tought to be smart by thatm, but no one did send them a memo telling that their software system name is sold with name “Windows”. Or no one did told them that windows needs walls.

    Just pick one.

    The picture of pingvins and life without walls is funny!