Language wars: Python

Gnome-blog is a great piece of software. For one it isn’t written in C, making it possible for me to hack on it (I do not want to know C). But to make this even better, the maintainer allows you to commit simple patches!

I started with triaging its bugs. Only then I discovered it was written in Python and started to write some patches for it. Discovering the policy on committing patches was like a dream come true. I do not often create patches, but when I do I want to create lots of ’em. After a while it gets messy to keep track of all of these changes. When this occurs I stop creating patches and wait for the maintainer to approve/ commit. Now I was able to commit and work on. In total I created 4 patches. I wanted to make more, but there weren’t enough simple bugs to fix. That may change, as with writing this post it is the first time I’ve actually used the software.. time to file some bugs.