Bugzilla-test in gnome cvs

For Bugzilla we need to update from two different cvs roots. One is upstream Bugzilla, the other cvs.gnome.org. Bugzilla-test wasn’t in gnome cvs because of the need to update from main Bugzilla. Thankfully Elijah created a script which updates from upstream Bugzilla, while still allowing our customizations to be in cvs.gnome.org. I understand it is a bit of a hack, but I am really happy with it. This also means bugzilla-test is now in cvs.

The current bugzilla.gnome.org is in cvs.gnome.org under bugzilla-new. Bugzilla-test can be found under bugzilla-newer. It likely needs some small handholding to setup locally; fixing that isn’t very high on my priority list. What I want to do next is to add back the patch statuses combo boxes in show_bug.cgi. As Bugzilla 2.20 (and even 2.18) has a lot of changes over 2.16, determining the best way to do this requires some thought. My main goal is to keep it useful while limiting the changes to 2.20.

Bugzilla additions

Products added to bugzilla.gnome.org:

  • Serpentine: An application for writing CD-Audio discs. It aims for simplicity, usability and compability
  • OnTV: A GNOME Applet for monitoring current and upcoming
    TV programmes.
  • Tepache: Tepache is a code sketcher for python that uses pygtk and glade.
    It could look like other glade codegens, but it is totally different.
  • Update manager: An application which makes it easy to manage, configure and
    install software updates.

All use Python.


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