Bugzilla-test in gnome cvs

For Bugzilla we need to update from two different cvs roots. One is upstream Bugzilla, the other cvs.gnome.org. Bugzilla-test wasn’t in gnome cvs because of the need to update from main Bugzilla. Thankfully Elijah created a script which updates from upstream Bugzilla, while still allowing our customizations to be in cvs.gnome.org. I understand it is a bit of a hack, but I am really happy with it. This also means bugzilla-test is now in cvs.

The current bugzilla.gnome.org is in cvs.gnome.org under bugzilla-new. Bugzilla-test can be found under bugzilla-newer. It likely needs some small handholding to setup locally; fixing that isn’t very high on my priority list. What I want to do next is to add back the patch statuses combo boxes in show_bug.cgi. As Bugzilla 2.20 (and even 2.18) has a lot of changes over 2.16, determining the best way to do this requires some thought. My main goal is to keep it useful while limiting the changes to 2.20.