Getting annoyed with being slow. The server hosting Bugzilla also hosts almost all of the * websites and anoncvs. One known problem is (aka NewsBruiser). That software is very resource intensive. The Nautilus Search blog post by alexl caused a load of >500. Because of the high load the sysadmins couldn’t log in to kill the processes (Elijah and me where logged in but couldn’t do anything).. end result was a reboot.

Today the load hit 127. Again due to There are some protections set in the apache config (renice, max cpu time, max # of processes, caching), but it is not enough. Fortunately got sudo access to the just a few hours before and was able to kill all the evil processes.

Some 15 minutes later and the load again rose to at 15, except there where no hits. Apparently 6 anoncvs sessions are also enough.

Really need a few servers just for Bugzilla In the meantime I’ll have to fix the biggest problems with Rather hack on b.g.o.