Bugzilla, Bugzilla, Bugzilla

On the main page of bugzilla.gnome.org there is an image of a bug:

image of a -hard to recognise- bug

I do not like that image. Could someone please design a better one and attach it to bug 339216?

Another thing I hate is the color used for quoted text (#ad7fa8). I chose that color so that I could make the first person who complained responsible for giving a better one. Unfortunately no one complained. Still want a better (non-blueish) color.

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  1. All the changes to the standard Bugzilla 2.20 are in CVS (so not only template changes, but every added report, changes to Bugzilla code, etc). The module is called bugzilla-newer, see http://cvs.gnome.org/ and http://cvs.gnome.org/viewcvs/bugzilla-newer/. License is whatever Bugzilla uses (I think MPL). There are still a few template changes on the server I need to merge.

    Some of the template changes required changes in the Bugzilla code (bugzilla points, knowing who are the developers, tc), so only using the template/, skins/ and images/ is not enough. If you have questions or something doesn’t work, feel free to email bugmaster@gnome.org.

  2. Through all bugzillas i’ve seen, i think it is better to get rid of image at all – it doesn’t help in understanding and whatever the picture will be, it will either look scary or unapropriate to a issue-tracking software (which bugzilla is).

    Still, if you think that an image would help, i suggest bugbuddy’s icon (i think it had one!).

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