GNOME Bugzilla has a robots.txt file for a reason

Please abide by it. It is pretty easy to follow actually. It disallows *all* robots from accessing If I find out that you have been performing robot-like behavior on GNOME Bugzilla you will be blocked. This is needed to ensure the speed stays somewhat ok.

So if for example you write some app that downloads 9000+ bugs individually via XML, ask first. There are usually far better (and often faster) ways to do the things you want if you just ask. I can understand spammers not following this rule (those are pretty easy to spot.. do things any sane client would/could never do), but when it is an IP address from Sun I wonder… same for people using a recursive wget to download everything from GNOME Bugzilla (wget’ing a patch is of course ok).

Anyway.. mail and explain yourself if your IP address was one of the lucky ones to be blocked from Bugzilla this week. Disable the robot-like software before asking though. Oh, stuff like IRC bots that lookup bug numbers are of course ok (as they generate only a few lookups/day). When in doubt, ask.