Switch to SVN

Am I the only one to remember this is the second time GNOME will switch to SVN? Further, please stop saying “everyone agree distributed scm are the way to go”. It is NOT true. The board asked the sysadmins to switch to Subversion on 20 Jun 2005. The first (failed) migration was on 14th July 2006. 29th December 2006 will be the second attempt. Approximately 1.5 years after it was asked by the board. During that time I did not see a real effort to prevent this switch (meaning: by contacting sysadmins/board. not randomly in a blog, etc).

I find it these blogs a rather strange ‘discussion’. First of all, please raise specific points. Not ‘everyone agrees’; because I do not. This goes also for the “we all know it’s not the correct (final) solution”. All I care about is that $COMMAND commit/update/diff/checkout works and it should NOT be more complicated (for a casual user like me) than that (distributed seems to add complexity). I have better things to do. Oh, and regarding git: I remember ‘Mozilla’ saying that the win32 support is not cared about. Further, it allows you to shoot yourself in your foot.

If you have specific points why a Subversion migration is not a good idea; the time to contact the board and the sysadmins via email is NOW. Although another option will likely take 1.5 years to implement and still be criticized a few days before it starts.