Terminal and vessel visit

I went on a terminal and vessel visit last week. The original plan was to visit the Axel Maersk. This ship has a capacity of 6600 TEU (twenty foot containers). However, that vessel would arrive later than initially planned. That is why we visited the Lars Maersk instead. This ship can hold 3700 TEU and sails between South Africa and Europe. After boarding the vessel I was amazed just how much noise a ‘wall’ of reefer containers makes. It is almost as bad as the ships engine. The ships Master gave a 1.5 hour tour, showing almost everything from the engine to the bridge (excluding some areas due to security regulations). After that we went outside and walked around the ship. As it was raining a bit there was a few centimeters of water on the desk and I almost got my feet wet. Others weren’t so fortunate.
After the vessel visit we got a tour around the terminal. I’ve been on the terminal multiple times, but it was still nice.