GNOME servers downtime: April 1 2007 (not affected:

At April 1st the GNOME sysadmins will be upgrading lots of servers from RHEL3/4 to RHEL5. This will obviously cause downtime. The Subversion ( will NOT be affected. However, svn-commits-list ( will be.

Although this is planned for April 1st, do keep in mind that if
something breaks (or just the upgrade taking longer), SOME OF THE
SERVICES COULD STILL BE DOWN ON April 2nd, or longer. The upgrade
however takes place in stages. Not everything is down at once.

Stuff that is affected:

  • Websites hosted by GNOME:,,, etc.

  • Wiki’s hosted by GNOME (
  • Mail, meaning mailinglists,, etc.
  • Bugzilla
  • Databases (e.g. Bugzilla, foundation membership, etc)
  • CVS (apparently we host ;)
  • DNS (e.g. if the downtime takes too long, you will not be able
    to get the IP address of — this is btw)

Not affected (ideally;):


The upgrade officially starts at 14:00 UTC. However, I will be moving some services before that time. So take this time as a rough estimate.

The plan:

The schedule:

Spam on

The bot accounts I know about cannot change any page anymore (see BannedGroup page on lgo for affected user names). Also enabled the antispam solution provided by moinmoin. Up to now we just relied on bots not creating an account.

Massive GNOME Servers downtime: Weekend of 1 April (and longer)


Together with Red Hat NOC people and other sysadmins I plan to upgrade all of the machines hosted at Red Hat from RHEL3/4 to RHEL5. This excludes; but affects basically everything else. See for an overview of the servers.

A rough step-by-step guide can be found at I am not exactly sure how long this will take. I expect 2 to 3 days. Please mail gnome-infrastructure and cc gnome-sysadmin if you have questions.

Note: This is not final yet. I’ll finalize the schedule this weekend.

CIA-like bot for Bugzilla changes

Max Kanat-Alexander wrote a plugin to Supybot. This enables Supybot to announce changes made to any 2.18+ Bugzilla install; just like CIA/#commits. It of course also responds to ‘bug 100000’.

A Supybot called bugbot is announcing all changes in #bzbot on However, if you want to have it announce just the changes for your product in some channel, please contact either me (GimpNet, #bugs) or mkanat (usually on in #supybot — currently on gimpnet as well). For GimpNet, bugbot replaces the bots bzbot and bugsbot.

Bugzilla installations wanting such an announcement bot, just contact mkanat. If you want the plugin for your own Supybot, just run:

bzr co

to check it out using bzr.