CIA-like bot for Bugzilla changes

Max Kanat-Alexander wrote a plugin to Supybot. This enables Supybot to announce changes made to any 2.18+ Bugzilla install; just like CIA/#commits. It of course also responds to ‘bug 100000’.

A Supybot called bugbot is announcing all changes in #bzbot on However, if you want to have it announce just the changes for your product in some channel, please contact either me (GimpNet, #bugs) or mkanat (usually on in #supybot — currently on gimpnet as well). For GimpNet, bugbot replaces the bots bzbot and bugsbot.

Bugzilla installations wanting such an announcement bot, just contact mkanat. If you want the plugin for your own Supybot, just run:

bzr co

to check it out using bzr.