Bugzilla 3.0

Part of this was copy/pasted from the announcement.

Here’s just a sampling of the major new features in version 3.0:

  • Less ugly perl code (almost everything is readable&understandable now)
  • Custom Fields
  • mod_perl support for greatly-improved performance
    While sucking up loads of memory :-(

  • Per-Product Permissions
    non hacky version of what is available on GNOME Bugzilla (patch wasn’t by me)

  • XML-RPC Interface; see the WebService stuff on this page
  • Create and Modify Bugs by Email
    Still not GPG authenticated though; so I won’t enable it on b.g.o without at least a hack to make it more secure.

  • And even more. See all the new features at: http://www.bugzilla.org/releases/3.0/new-features.html

GNOME Bugzilla
I am really busy. Help with the port is appreciated. The current (very rough and unfinished) port is available in the bugzilla.gnome.org SVN module; while the site currently uses the bugzilla-newer SVN module. I think that probably the port should use Bugzilla HEAD (what will eventually be 3.2) though. I basically need at least 3.0 to easily avoid those bug-buddy crash duplicates.