GUADEC 2008 proposal — Istanbul

Istanbul has been proposed to host GUADEC 2008. Some details:

  • It is not as hot as I expected; average high temperature = 27 degrees celcius
  • great place to be/party/enjoy the culture
  • 4 star hotel: $30,- per night
  • cheaper/free accomodation should be possible (IMO this is very important so we can have as many people join as possible)
  • two international airports

To see the whole proposal, read the following PDF document: guadec2008-proposal.pdf. If you have any questions please contact Barış Çiçek (GNOME Türkiye board contact, part of the membership committee and also responsible for the Mango Summer of Code enhancement).

Note: I do not know about other proposals for 2008. Further, I am not involved with any of them. My ideal proposal would let as many people join as possible (avoiding visa/money/etc problems). Although sponsoring people is good, I’d rather sponsor even more people just due to the tickets/accommodation/food/venue/etc being cheaper.

2 Replies to “GUADEC 2008 proposal — Istanbul”

  1. Istanbul is a nice choice indeed. Not sure if there are still any problems for Greeks to travel to Turkey though, you should check that. Other than that Isatnbul is great and hotels pretty cheap. It is quite an ugly city though, with some nice monuments like Topkapi and Taxim.

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