Enforcing proper /trunk/MAINTAINERS files in SVN

I enabled a pre-commit check which validates if there is a /trunk/MAINTAINERS file. It also quickly checks if the format of that file is ok. If a module doesn’t have a /trunk/MAINTAINERS file, or it isn’t in the right format, the commit will be rejected. See http://live.gnome.org/MaintainersCorner#maintainers for how a proper /trunk/MAINTAINERS file should look like.

Note that I gave various pre-warnings regarding this, and your commit is not lost. You can commit a proper /trunk/MAINTAINERS file to allow normal commits again.

Since enabling the pre-commit just over an hour ago, 6 additional modules have a proper /trunk/MAINTAINERS file. Only a few hundred to go. 🙂

Wanted: html5lib package for EPEL / Fedora

Could someone please make a package of html5lib for EPEL or Fedora (target is RHEL5)? This would be very helpful to improve our GNOME Library layout. Some of the gtk-doc documentation doesn’t build. For this the HTML files within the tarball are used instead. If html5lib is installed, the library-web scripts will automatically change the HTML files to contain the standard GNOME Library layout. See the difference between libgnome (built from source, has standard layout) documentation with the GTK+ (copied from supplied HTML files, lacks standard layout) documentation.

Frederic Peters, many thanks for writing the second version of the library-web scripts and all the improvements you are making.

Thanks to Oded, html5lib is now installed on the server. A full rebuild will be done during the night (CET), however a small preview of what the GTK+ documentation looks like now:lgo-gtkdoc.png