Wanted: html5lib package for EPEL / Fedora

Could someone please make a package of html5lib for EPEL or Fedora (target is RHEL5)? This would be very helpful to improve our GNOME Library layout. Some of the gtk-doc documentation doesn’t build. For this the HTML files within the tarball are used instead. If html5lib is installed, the library-web scripts will automatically change the HTML files to contain the standard GNOME Library layout. See the difference between libgnome (built from source, has standard layout) documentation with the GTK+ (copied from supplied HTML files, lacks standard layout) documentation.

Frederic Peters, many thanks for writing the second version of the library-web scripts and all the improvements you are making.

Thanks to Oded, html5lib is now installed on the server. A full rebuild will be done during the night (CET), however a small preview of what the GTK+ documentation looks like now:lgo-gtkdoc.png

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  1. I’ve built a fedora core 7 package, and you can have the src and noarch RPM here:

    This is probably the first python package I did, so I may have gotten a couple of things wrong – email me if you want me to change things.

    Have fun!

  2. Oded: There was a small issue because RHEL5 has Python 2.4 (file location didn’t match). Works perfectly. Going to update my post with the result 🙂

  3. I’m aware of this issue, unfortunately Fedora/RHEL don’t offer an RPM definition/macro to detect the correct python version or library location (not that I could find anyway), so I was left to either creating a file list – which I really hate to do, or hardcoding the location – which I also hate.

    Faced with to bad choices, I chose the one that allows me to be lazy 😉

    Did you change the SPEC rpm to hardcode 2.4 for RHEL5 or did you use some automatic detection ?

  4. I put in an updated version at the same url which follows the guidelines you linked.

    I’ll try to open a ticket for this on fedora’s bugzilla, but I don’t know how to actually get it into Fedora.

  5. I like the new format. However, the pinkish header on each page looks out of place because the body text spans outside the width of the header box. It’d be nice if the page style could expand the header box to the width of the body.

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