Dear Menubar, I do not like you

Frederic Peters finished making look like a GNOME site. Andreas Nilsson helped by changing the icon to one made by Sebastian Kraft (which Fer still hasn’t committed in a Bug-Buddy version.. hint hint hint). Further, the site now is only accessible via port 80. The port 5000 stuff is gone/firewalled. Nice to get people helping out!

I asked Frederic if he could change the other GNOME sites (except Bugzilla and the soon obsolete to use the new style layout as well. Anyone is free to help out with this. Just look for SVN modules ending with ‘-web’.
For, Frederic changed the main page and added the CSS + images. After that I copied his stuff and changed the archive index page as well (created by a script in a sysadmin-only SVN module). Until you click a few times, looks much better. Note that mailman layout is difficult to change, I only want to concentrate on the archives.


Unfortunately, wasn’t updated automatically from SVN. There is a script to handle most of it in a sysadmin module. So I enabled this for Immediately I got an error message via the mail… forgot that the machine (menubar) is RHEL3. The script assumes at least Python 2.4. A lot of sysadmin scripts cannot be improved just because of that one machine still being RHEL3. As it is our mail machine, any downtime will have a noticeable effect. However, I really am annoyed by the RHEL3 + too many custom RPM packages and general hackiness of the setup.
That is why I plan to upgrade the machine on October 20 to RHEL5. This is probably the most uncertain upgrade out of all machines hosted at Red Hat. Many of the packages used by that machine are custom (Postfix, mailman, mhonarc, amavis.. basically everything that should run on the machine is not standard RHEL3). Since the upgrade of the other machines to RHEL5 I haven’t seen much progress towards avoiding anything other than a ‘upgrade and see what happens’.