now at 1.6.0

I’ve upgraded MoinMoin to 1.6.0 today. MoinMoin is the software behind, and The upgrade took a bit longer than expected due to:

  • A bug in 1.5.8 to 1.6.0 migration script. It tried to read the whole event-log file into memory. As that file was 2.2GB for the server ran out of memory, causing the script to fail. Fortunately #moin was quick to provide assistance.. I assumed some memory leak.
  • Another bug which is triggered if language_ignore_browser is enabled. It prevents any page from loading. I fixed this myself. Later on I learned that this was already fixed upstream. I initially suspected our custom themes to be the cause, so didn’t ask right away on IRC.

New stuff:

  • Suggest to take a look at I was interested in the sysadmin related changes.
  • There are a few changes when making links. Basically: use <<BR>> for macro’s such as BR and [[URL]] for links. Images should use: {{attachment:filename.png}}. The upgrade script converted all existing pages to the new format.
  • Hierarchical ACLs. This should ensure pages will not unintentially do not have an acl. Note: This currently is NOT enabled!
  • Inline comments. Don’t really see the point, but perhaps someone likes it
  • Discussion pages. I think this requires some configuration first.
  • A trick to prevent spiders from causing too much server load. Plus ability to generate a sitemap.
  • Something to easier allow static files to have a long Expires header. I still have to do configure the server for this.
  • Xapian for search. Not enabled.

Fixed issue:

  • GNOME theme uses the moinmoin icons instead of the GNOME ones. Not exactly sure why they aren’t used. Update: Fixed!

Oh, and it has been ~2 months since I prevented some annoying spammer from attacking our wiki sites. I only saw one spam attack since then, this was done manually by the spammer.