Seeing more KDE at GUADEC

Really excited that possibly we’ll have a Akademy and GUADEC at the same place next year. I’m starting to see KDE at this GUADEC already:

Yeah, not entirely the same, but it is still 2008, not 2009.

Bazaar demo today

There will be a Bazaar demo today at 15.30 in the Medium room. This wasn’t on the schedule before. They’ll demonstrate not only how to use Bazaar (using the Bzr mirror), but also show a few new features (o.a. search). Another item is a playground server, allowing GNOME people with SSH keys to store their own branches. If you are interested in DVCS and/or Bazaar, suggest to attend this demo. It will be an open demo, feel free to ask them to demonstrate whatever you’d like to see. I’d love questions about how Bazaar could make your workflow easier (supporting what you do easily).


I’m planning to stay at the following hotel: Istanbul Hotel Ipek Palas. Some other crazy Dutch guys will be staying there too (so you don’t have to prepare a map or something.. just rely on them ;) ). Need a roommate though, anyone interested? I’ll arrive Sun 6 and leave Sat 12. If so, mail me, or post below. The hotel has free wifi btw.

As seen in #sysadmin

<saned> hello. I'm wondering whether has been defaced...
<saned> it says "Damned Lies about GNOME"
<saned> is it some kind of joke?

The question alone

Weird. I think that just thinking about something like that being possible is very weird. Planet GNOME is one of the aggregators which shows every post, always (a full feed is often requested). The only exceptions (AFAIK) being: bugs, bugs and bugs (either planetplanet, GNOME server or when there is a server problem with the feed).

So to question the openness of GNOME Planet.. weird. I thought pgo had more trust than this. Wonder what can be done to change this impression.

I also don’t agree with:

Furthermore censorship on a service provided by those who consider themselves advocates of freedom and liberty is hypocritical to say the least.

Start a personal attack on a GNOME service and you can forget about mentioning freedom. Furthermore, freedom/liberty is to be able to announce something, not about being able to do that anywhere you please. Meaning: if GNOME provides a service, GNOME decides on what is allowed (but don’t forget about the beginning of this blog).
Lastly, I don’t see GNOME as an advocacy of freedom and liberty (just free software).