Dear Seif

If you want to be a board member, I highly recommend communicating in a different way than what you’ve done now. Anyway, just read the comment by Diegoe, I think it is pretty clear. In addition to that comment, there is no todo-list which guarantees a module will be accepted, though there are things what we look at.

Anyway, you seem to be looking for an argument. I thought we were clear beforehand and afterwards. You seem to be misinterpreting things. Please read the statements carefully and without prejudice. If you have questions after that, ask me privately and I’ll explain my reasoning.

PS: I think you’re being very rude by suggesting that Canonical could be a possible reason.

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  1. Calm down no need for a personal attack. Seif was just commenting on the issue as a whole. Its his project and he wants it in Gnome so of course he doesnt like that it wasnt included. Going by the language here I think you have some personal issue and I think rather than making inflammatory posts you should send an email to Seif directly and sort it out.

  2. As written by Seif reflects the thinking of many people and there are examples where this statement is not caused only by anger at a decision that considers wrong.

    In part this is still the problem of research in gnome-shell. It intends to present gnome3 patently incomplete, repeating the errors made by the KDE project?
    I can agree that today GAJ can be excluded. But Zeitgeist works perfectly with telepathy, RB and many other applications gnome, many expected a speedy integration in gnome-shell but the developers of gnome-shell never having the desire to assist in this task seif.

  3. Shane: This isn’t a personal attack by any means, nor a personal issue with Seif. I think you’re reading too much into things.

  4. I read Diegoe comment. Either he is misinformed or his communication was incomplete. GAJ uses Zeitgeist framework for logging user’s activities. It is Zeitgeist which you people are actually looking for and nor GAJ. Forget GAJ and look at Zeitgeist. Now try to explain why Zeitgeist has not been included?

    He wasn’t being rude. Many people including me support him. All the places where I hear the reasons for Zeitgeist being rejected, the people tell that they don’t want a standalone application. They never look at Zeitgeist but actually look at GAJ. Isn’t GAJ a sort of Dashboard?

    Again, this is no personal attack. It is just difference of opinion.

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