New mouse

Old mouse (rebranded Logitech) was acting up and the plastic pads on the bottom were having issues as well. Bought a Logitech LS1. Different mouse takes a bit getting used to. New one is smaller, scroll wheel isn’t as nice as the old one and it is heavier. It has one interesting feature; horizontal scrolling. The horizontal scrolling is nice within mplayer; configured my ~/.mplayer/input.conf as:

MOUSE_BTN5 volume -1
MOUSE_BTN6 volume 1
MOUSE_BTN5_DBL volume -1
MOUSE_BTN6_DBL volume 1

If you move the scroll wheel left or right it automatically generates the btn5/6 double click events. So after changing the mplayer config I can easily turn the volume up and down using just the mouse. Pretty nice.

It has a laser too instead of optical (meaning: no red light anymore), but I do not notice a difference in accuracy.

Best feature? Loads of colours.. I like purple :) …that’s the reason I bought it without trying it out first.