First responder: suspicious package

Within Netherlands each company is by law required to have first responders. These handle various situations until the professionals arrive. It’s usually one of (possible) fire, medical or an evacuation. Normally I’d post this at Google+ but as that’s going away I’m putting the details on this blog. I prefer writing it down so later on I still can read the details.

While chatting to security a maintenance guy arrives and mentions a suspicious package he noticed. Package is described as a huge suitcase left underneath a staircase. Location wise it does not make any sense to place a suitcase there. My suggestion to security is to evacuate the entire building. Security deems otherwise and wants to have a look first. My interest immediately fades and I prefer going for lunch. Security asks me to join the investigation, which I do.

Package itself is hidden underneath the staircase. Going against pretty much any suspicious package procedure security moves the suitcase closer. We notice a checked in luggage tag on it. Security opens the suitcase (despite any suspicious package procedure will tell you not to move or touch it!), contents reveals yet another suitcase as well as an iPad. Name on the tag is a super generic name. Using a walkie talkie security communicates internally for the name on the tag. Again, you’re not allowed to use communication devices in case of a suspicious package. Security relays back that they’ve found a likely match. Package is deemed harmless.

We then move the package to a special blast resistant area within the building. The building was built around 1980 and during that the company in charge was highly profitable and did business in pretty interesting countries. As result of both, that company requested to building to be as safe as possible. Building safety requirements have been become much more strict since 1980. The building has fulfilled these stricter requirements since the opening.

Security does their security thing: Ensure that they’ll “have a chat” with the person involved. I go for lunch. Once back I overhear a pretty anxious person explaining how he messed up. I relay that information back to security for their amusement.