Hello world

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Patryk Zawadzki (ten points for pronouncing that right) and I’m a software engineer working for a company called ITS Ltd. While that might not ring a bell, shameless self promotion continues.

I am the one to blame praise for the rarian module’s name. I also did a fair amount of Cheese hacking as a Daniel‘s marionette slave (man, you really need to find yourself a proper blog with comments). Finally I am one of the authors of the recently proposed for inclusion Project Hamster.

I also get some work done as a PLD Linux developer and am quite active on the xdg list. The Libre Graphics Meeting 2008 attendees might also recognize me as the guy in the orange blouse (hi Behdad ;]).

As for the blog title — that’s a cheap mock of my other blog, called Room 303 which unfortunately is written entirely in Polish (make sure you visit and enjoy all the unpronounceable words with squiggly accents).

I hope one day I will make it to the Planet GNOME so I can actually post something interesting in the future ;). One love. Peace.

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