Happy hamsters

Project Hamster is now part of GNOME! Along with Empathy and some blessed external dependencies. Do not underestimate them however for they are some truly powerful libs including libcanberra, Clutter, Conduit and PolicyKit.

Some new pains are now (temporarily) part of my life. As PH’s father, Toms, is away I am the one responsible for the SVN migration, releasing 2.23.6 and cooperating with i18n and a11y teams. I think we should start by making the stats accessible but I’ll concentrate on moving to GNOME infrastructure for now. Hope the rest of the team gets their SVN accounts up and running soon.

As for Empathy, great stuff. If you like it as much as I do, you can help me convince Xavier to make it a bit prettier and more readable. Hooray for lobbying!

Edit: hamster-applet 2.23.6 is out, following the upcoming GNOME 2.23.6 release.

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